Month: October 2021

How Long Does Dental Numbing Last? | The Real Answer

Oct 30, 2021

Sharp instruments, unfamiliar sensations, and the possibility of pain. These are all things that can be scary to some people who hesitate to go to the dentist. But since it’s important to take care of your oral health, it’s necessary to visit the dentist. Fortunately, dentists are medical professionals with lots of experience, and their […]

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Black Tartar On Teeth | Why It Happens and How To Remove It

Oct 15, 2021

Do you see black material on your teeth that you can’t get rid of? It could be a sign of tartar buildup, which can be quite concerning, especially if you haven’t noticed it before. Unfortunately, tartar on teeth is generally a byproduct of poor oral hygiene. Therefore, neglecting oral hygiene can result in significant tartar […]

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