Month: January 2022

5 Stages Of Tooth Abscess, Reasons and Treatment Defined

Jan 30, 2022

Toothache is unbearable pain and makes one rush to the dentist immediately. The tooth is a rigid structure, but it does have sensitive parts like the nerve. If triggered once, it sends stinging pain. There are multiple reasons for this; one of such is a dental abscess. Read this blog to know more about tooth […]

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5 Causes of Red Spots on The Roof of Your Mouth

Jan 15, 2022

Many individuals have felt the pain of red spots or lesions in the roof of their mouth. Wearing dentures, oral infections, or mouth ulcers are some common causes. Red spots inside the roof of the mouth can cause irritation, but they are usually benign and heal on their own. You can visit your doctor or […]

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