Dental Bonding in Houston, Tx

At Dr. Vesna Arezina’s office in Houston, patients can correct imperfections with their smile without having to go through painful dental procedures. Dental bonding is one way your dentist can quickly and painlessly enhance your smile.

What’s Bonding?

Your dentist may recommend dental bonding when a tooth has minor cosmetic issues or damage that can be corrected without the use of veneers or crowns. They’re affordable and can be applied to your teeth in a single visit, so there’s no need to make multiple appointments to enhance your smile.

Why Do I Need Dental Bonding?

If your smile has minor cosmetic issues, dental bonding is an affordable procedure that can improve the look of it. It can be used to modify teeth and balance the look of your smile, changing the shape of teeth and making them look and fit into the mouth more ideally. Bonding can fix cracks, gaps, chips in teeth, discoloration, and more.

The Application Process

You won’t need to prepare in any way on the day of your appointment. We will choose a shade of bonding material that matches the natural color of your teeth. Then we will ensure that the bonding material sticks onto the tooth by roughening the enamel and applying a conditioning liquid. When the tooth is ready, the bonding material is applied and molded so that it looks more like your teeth. Your dentist will harden the material, and then trim it to make sure that it looks natural and fits into the mouth comfortably.

If your smile has imperfections that you would like to correct, there’s hope out there for you. The dental professionals and staff at Dr. Arezina’s office in Houston are available throughout the week to correct any problems you may have with your teeth. We can enhance the appearance of your smile and improve the structural integrity of your teeth if they have been damaged or worn down. The bonding process is quick, so feel free to schedule an appointment at your convenience to get more information about dental bonding at our dentist near you.

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