At the practice of Vesna Arezina DDS in Houston, we work with patients to ensure that they get the best dental care possible from our team of experts. We have advanced equipment and use the latest techniques to make dental procedures more effective and less invasive and uncomfortable. When it comes to covering the costs of these treatments, you may have the option of using your dental insurance or financing your payment.

Insurance We Accept

Our dental office may work with your insurance company to lower the out of pocket costs associated with dentistry. The procedures and treatments covered depend on your specific insurance policy, so be sure to have that information available when scheduling and arriving at appointments. If you want to learn about how we work with your insurance company, speak with one of our representatives.

Financing Options

If you have expenses that are not covered by your insurance, we accept Care Credit as a financing option and may have alternative financing plans available as well.

Care Credit

Care Credit enables patients to make convenient payments to cover dental expenses instead of paying at the time of their appointment in one lump sum. Applying for Care Credit only takes a few minutes, and you can apply here: If you are approved, you will be able to make low monthly payments that allow the entire family to get oral health care.

Alternative Payment Methods

If you need more information on ways to pay your dental bill, contact our office, and a representative can talk to you about alternative payment options. We may have in-house options that work with your budget and make dental treatment affordable and convenient.

Call today to schedule a dental appointment and learn more about your payment options. We will try to work with you as much as possible, ensuring that you get the dental care needed to maintain your healthy smile. Any oral health issues that you may have can be diagnosed and treated in our office, so feel free to stop by and visit our team.

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