Fluoride Treatment Houston, Tx

If you want to strengthen your teeth along with the teeth of your loved ones, then your dentist Dr. Vesna Arezina may recommend a fluoride treatment for your teeth. Fluoride makes it possible to protect teeth without the need for applying dental sealants, crowns, and other barriers on top of teeth. Some of the reasons you should consider fluoride treatment in Houston include:

Fluoride Is Natural

Fluoride is a natural mineral, found in various different sources. Fluoride is present in groundwater, soil, rocks, and other parts of the Earth. Fluoride has been proven to work with your enamel, strengthening it and preventing decay from forming when demineralization takes place in the mouth.

Fluoride Isn’t Just for Children

There is a lot of talk about fluoride treatments when it comes to children and early dental care, but fluoride does not only benefit children. Any patient that is at a higher risk of cavities can benefit from getting fluoride treatments at any age. Elderly patients, as well as patients with special needs, are especially good candidates for fluoride treatments. If an individual has trouble keeping up with their oral health, fluoride is the best way to make sure that teeth are preserved and kept healthy.

Fluoride Strengthens the Enamel

Your teeth go through a constant cycle of demineralization and remineralization. During demineralization, acid weakens the enamel and makes it softer. When remineralization occurs, the minerals that are present in the saliva can strengthen the enamel. While saliva works on its own, fluoride boosts the process of remineralization and prevents cavities from forming.

Small Cavities Can Be Reversed

One thing that may surprise you about fluoride is its ability to reverse small cavities that may be present in the mouth. When there is not enough fluoride being put back into teeth, cavities can start to develop, but you can stop them in their tracks with fluoride treatments from your dentist along with pristine oral health in the home.In order to make sure your teeth are as healthy as possible, visit Dr. Vesna Arezina DDS in Houston for an effective fluoride treatment that can save your teeth from damage and decay.

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