Any kind of sudden pain impulse is quite alarming, more so if it is on the face. If you are suddenly experiencing pain on one side of your jaw or jawbone, it’s mostly not considered an emergency; however, it can indicate an underlying health issue going on.

If you are suddenly afflicted with one side jaw pain, read on this blog for your answers, it may be one of the following conditions.

Cysts or Tumors

One of the main reasons for jaw pain on your one side may be a tumor or even a cyst. These two are tissue masses usually containing fluid. However, it is pretty rare for a cyst or tumor to appear in your jaw, but it can happen.

Some tumors or cysts are cancerous and greatly impact oral health by destroying the bones and mouth tissues if you find any sign of a cyst-like red or white patch or tumor, a lumpy growth, bleeding sores, jaw swelling, or tissue growth around your teeth.


It is a common jaw pain on one side cause – sinusitis or nasal cavity inflammation. Sinusitis mostly occurs because of allergies or colds. However, inflammation in the cavities behind your cheeks takes place, and it can often cause pain in either one or both sides of your jaw.

You will also suffer from symptoms like nasal congestion, fatigue, green or yellow mucus, facial pain and pressure if you have sinusitis. Check out with a doctor if your symptoms are still there for longer than a week.

Dental Troubles

Usually, the pain on one side of the jaw is connected with dental trouble, such as cavities, wisdom teeth, an abscess, gum disease, or teeth clenching and grinding. If dental trouble is the reason for your one-sided jaw pain, it will come with by other signs like foul breath, teeth sensitivity, sores inside the mouth, bump in roof of mouth – palate, tooth pain, bleeding and painful gums, or pain while swallowing and chewing.

TMJ – Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

The most common reason for pain on one side of the jaw is TMJ disorder. The temporomandibular joint joins the jaw to your skull. A disc is present inside this joint that dissociates the bones and helps the jaw properly move. When the disc damages or misaligns, it results in pain. Other signs show up, such as headaches, earaches and popping on one or both sides of the jaw.


Jaw pain, be it on one side or both, is a cause of distress and should be dealt with immediately. Therefore it is best that you search for a dentist in Houston, TX, at Arezina DDS at 281 469 7469.

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