A sparkling white smile can boost your confidence and self-esteem. A white smile can also aid in certain aspects as a job interview. Now the bright smile might not be that shiny due to the prolonged usage of the teeth. Apart from aging, various dental ailments might also deteriorate the condition of the tooth to some extent. Cosmetic dentists in Houston are well-phrased with these dental treatments that can help you revive your smile.

What is Smile Makeover?

Be it a stained tooth or some other dental ailment that might make you look ugly to smile openly in public. This not only can dent your confidence but can also reduce your perspective on some job or work. Misaligned teeth, discolored teeth, a chipped or missing tooth can be some of the issues that can lead to shy away from smiling openly.

With the advancement in modern dentistry, these shortcomings can be treated to give you a stunning and confident smile. Cosmetic dentistry is the specialized dental treatment that might involve teeth whitening, dental bonding, dental veneers, implants, tooth fillings, bridges, or even surgery to settle the shortcomings or to treat the imperfections.

A smile makeover is not only correcting the imperfections, but your skin complexion, facial appearance, the shape of your lips, and the color and state of your gums is taken into consideration too. Even your hair color can play a vital role.

Smile Makeover Treatment

The treatment to makeover your smile involves multiple steps and treatment to correct the various dental issues and imperfections. The initial step might involve fixing the gaps between teeth. These gaps not only decrease the aesthetic value but also enable food to be stuck in between the teeth and poor oral hygiene might lead to plaque and cavities. The discolored tooth, misaligned teeth, and the chipped teeth would require the initial treatment to maintain balance and harmony among the teeth even by involving orthodontic or maxillofacial surgeries.

The most common treatment is placing porcelain veneers that are custom-made. Dental veneers in Houston can be administered by experienced dentists and are very common. Veneers are thin and serve as a perfect cover for stained or chipped teeth. Ceramic veneers resemble the natural teeth color and can make your discolored tooth sparkling and clog the small gaps too.

Dental bonding is similar to veneers to some extent that involves the application of dental resins on the teeth instead of a thin sheet. The bonding is available in different shades, and the dentist would choose the shade corresponding to your teeth shade. Once the dental bond is hardened after applying on the teeth, it is treated with curing light to give the natural shine.

You might also have a smaller smile, implying the smaller mouth cavity and disproportionate smile. Such an issue has more to be done with the gums than with the teeth. The best way to deal with such an issue is through cosmetic gum recontouring, which involves removing the required amount of gum tissues to widen your smile. The process is also termed as maxillofacial surgery and involves experienced dental surgeons.

The other methods of smile makeover involve getting dental fillings, crowns, bridges, or dental implants to make the imperfect teeth bright and sparkling.

The Side Effects

If you possess strong and healthy gums and maintain good oral hygiene, you can go for a smile makeover. Having thin jawbones might disqualify you from undergoing the treatments to makeover your smile.

Basically, most of the treatments for smile makeover does not involve any severe side effects. Although getting dental veneers or implants might make you uncomfortable for the first few days. Increased sensitivity in the teeth and irritations in the gum might be an issue that you would encounter on undergoing teeth whitening or dental bonding.

The maxillofacial surgery might involve bleeding or immense pain after the surgery that would reduce in due time. The recovery time for a smile makeover varies depending on the treatment undertaken. Getting accustomed to the veneers or fillings might take a short time, while the curing after surgery might take a longer period.

Vesna Arezina DDS is the place to visit if you intend to get a smile makeover. With more than twenty years of experience, family-friendly staff, bilingual office, and involvement of advanced technology, you can get an all-round treatment at an affordable cost. Get your smile makeover and smile freely.

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