Sedation Dentistry Houston, Tx

For some patients, a visit to the dentist can be so nerve-wracking that they end up avoiding their dental office altogether. If this is how you feel about dental appointments, sedation dentistry can be the key to helping you have more relaxed, successful visits. Dr. Arezina utilizes various forms of sedation to help anxious patients in Houston get the treatments they need.

Are you a candidate for sedation?

You will need to speak to your dentist before undergoing any treatment that would require sedation. Your dentist will consider your overall health to determine whether sedation would be safe for you and, if so, which type would be most appropriate. You may be required to get medical clearance from your physician.

Types of dental sedation

  • Laughing Gas: This is the form of sedation that is most often used in dental offices. Laughing gas does not put you to sleep, but simply reduces anxiety. It can be administered via injection in combination with anesthesia or by a machine. It is flushed out of the system at the end of the appointment and has no lingering effects.

At Dr. Arezina’s office we are dedicated to providing quality services to the patients of Houston and aim to make our patients as comfortable as possible when doing so.

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