Tooth Extraction Houston, Tx

In the worst cases, tooth extraction in Houston is the only option. When a tooth is beyond repair, your dentist in Houston or an oral surgeon will perform the removal. At Dr. Vesna Arezina’s office, we do both simple extractions. This is a common remedy for impacted wisdom teeth, severely infected teeth, and routine tooth removals.

Severe Tooth Infection

Sometimes, patients have a severe tooth infection that cannot be remedied with a restorative dental procedure. When this happens, the tooth can’t be saved. Therefore, tooth removal is necessary to protect the surrounding healthy teeth.

If you have developed an abscess, your Houston dentist may take several steps to manage the infection. In some cases, root canal therapy saves teeth. But, if you need an extraction, your dentist in Houston may first prescribe antibiotics. This will help kill the disease-causing bacteria and prevent the spread of infection.

Routine Extractions in Houston

Due to advances in modern dentistry, routine extractions are a virtually painless and comfortable solution. For about a week after the removal, the treatment area will require some attention. For that reason, your dentist in Houston will provide post-op care instructions. You can expect some bleeding after the extraction. Pain medication may be prescribed to manage any discomfort.

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